Complete Garden Transformation in St. Albans

Complete Garden Transformation in St. Albans

This particular garden in St. Albans was in desperate need of a facelift and this customer gave us a call, requesting that we drive out and have a look at what could be done to help give it the makeover it needed badly.

Our Artificial Grass Can Really Transform Your Garden

This garden was actually pretty spacious but at first glance with the grass that was there previously, it didn’t look as if there was much space. At Pure Artificial Grass, our artificial grass work has not only made the garden appear bigger but has helped enhance the overall aesthetic of the garden.

before st albans artificial grass

Improving the Functionality of Your Garden

Our artificial grass installation services are also for functional purposes too and this particular client was having difficulty with maintaining the garden. This is another reason as to why our artificial grass services can be so beneficial. It was a real life changer for this particular client who can now reap the benefits of having a garden that requires next to no maintenance. We were particularly delighted with the finished quality of the work that was carried out and couldn’t believe the transformation it provided the garden with.

How Our Artificial Grass Team Transformed This Garden

It didn’t take too much difficult work to lay the artificial grass down firmly and work around the concrete path and only took our team a couple of days to completely finish. This particular customer wanted to go for a look that replicated natural grass as much as possible and we achieved this by recommending our Cornwall 40mm Springback Artificial Grass. This not only looks like real grass but is extremely comfy and works fantastically well in the summer. With a few good spots to catch sunlight, this completely transformed garden is an addition to this home that really adds value to the home.

after artificial grass installation in st albans

Create a Relaxing Outdoor Space Today

The most important thing for this customer was to create an outdoor space that they could not only relax in but manage easily and our team here at Pure Artificial Grass helped this homeowner to achieve this. Get in touch with one of our team today and let us help you take your outdoor space to the next level.

after artificial lawn in st albans

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