Expert Nationwide Artificial Grass Installation

We are dedicated to delivering quality artificial grass results for our customers. From school fields to back gardens, our team have a number of varieties of artificial lawns that are made to measure. In regards to cost, we try to make all of our services as affordable as they can be for our customers.

Steps to installing artificail grass

At Pure Artificial Grass, our dedicated team of specialists are here to provide our customers with the best and most reliable artificial grass installation service possible. We never treat any job as ‘too big or too small’ and we know what is required to deliver on a successful project. When you choose to buy our artificial grass, our specialist artificial grass installers know what is needed to deliver on a successful project. We have been carrying out these expert services for a number of years and have the necessary skills needed to transform your garden. Take a look at our work and see how we can help transform your garden.

How Do We Install Our Artificial Grass?

By ensuring that all of the correct installation processes are in place, our team are on hand to deliver a garden that will last for a lifetime.

Step 1

Our team will take away all of the old grass and prepare the outdoor space before the installation. We are experts in our field and not only have the skills but the necessary tools needed to lay a perfect level base for your new garden.

Step 2

We lay a cement and granite solution around the area we are transforming. By doing this, it helps stick the grass down and stops any weeds coming through the grass installation.

Step 3

Our experts will then create a limestone base for your grass installation and compact it to create a solid and level base.

Step 4

We then use granite to create a layer that is spread across the limestone base. We do this to help create the shape of the lawn. We also use this as a way to help the drainage and distribution of water and form it in a way then helps it spread across the entire lawn.

Step 5

Once our specialists have added the granite layer and formed it correctly, we then use our whacker plate to help compact it down ready for the artificial grass to be added.

Step 6

Our specialists then use a layer of membrane and pin it down on top of the layers of granite and limestone. This is another prevention tool that we use to help prevent the growth of weeds coming through and ruining your artificial grass. Again, we have vast experience and the necessary tools to make sure the weeds do not come through at all.

Step 7

Your selected grass type is securely fitted on top of the layers we have fitted and the secure foundation that our specialists fit ensure that your artificial grass is completely secure and level. We have a variety of grass options to choose from and have the skills needed to accurately cut around trees and garden fixtures. This results in a beautifully fitted garden, transformed by the work of our specialists. Get in touch with us today and see what we can do to help your garden landscape.

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