Challenging Artificial Grass Installation in Cornwall

Challenging Artificial Grass Installation in Cornwall

This beautiful garden space was completely transformed with the work that our Artificial Grass team in Cornwall carried out. This newly built garden was in need of a transformation to help enhance its complete potential and our work certainly helped achieve this.

Before Artificial Lawn Installation Cornwall

Improving Garden Accessibility with our Artificial Grass

In this particular home, the garden was built on top of a steeply rising hill and meant that the homeowner needed to build a level system to improve overall accessibility in their outdoor space. With the stairs being recently added and the decking right at the top, it was pretty much almost finished with just aesthetic improvements required. Not only has our artificial grass helped enhance the aesthetic but has provided this particular customer with a garden they can relax in during the summer.

Before Artificial Grass Newquay Installation


Professional Artificial Grass Installation in Cornwall

You can see from the images below that there was a lot of overgrowing weeds that needed to be managed and our team helped do this. This can be the most challenging part of the installation process because if they are not managed and removed in the right way, it can lead to them growing back and through the artificial lawn in the future. Our team at Pure Artificial Grass helped make sure that there was nothing left of the weeds and this allowed for us to get to work on it. Once our team had got rid of the weeds, it then meant that we could get to work on laying the foundations and ensuring that the ground was even to start the installation process. The incline made it slightly more difficult than normal but it didn’t prevent us from carrying out another quality installation.

Transform Your Outdoor Space Today

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to working on slightly more difficult jobs but our team ensure the best work is carried it every time. For this particular garden, we used our Cornwall 30mm Artificial Grass to provide the homeowner with a place that they could relax in peace and have a great spot in the summer to sunbathe in. With jobs like this, it really does help enhance the garden and essentially adds another element to an already beautiful garden.

weed membrane-cleaned

Get in Touch with Our Artificial Grass Specialists in Cornwall

When you buy artificial grass, you need to be aware of what your garden needs and the different artificial grass options that can help take your outdoor space to the next level. Enquire today and see how we can transform your garden.

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